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Cherry Hill School Board Freezes Budget

In an effort to stem the tide of increasing school budgets, the Cherry Hill Board of Education has frozen the school budget for this school year.  They are doing this in hopes to reduce to demand for increasing the budget in the upcoming year.

One of the interesting facts that appears when you take a look at the comparative facts and figures for the 2009 spending guide is the fact that the median administrators salary has increased almost 20% in the last 4 years.  With more and more people out of work, why is it that we are paying administrators 20% then we did 4 years ago?  Administrators are not actually teaching our children, they are just supervising the teachers.  How is it that these types of jobs are granted salary increases when at the same time they are laying off teachers.  There is obviously something wrong with this picture.  Maybe its time for a change in how our school budget is being determined – it looks just like every other government agency who gives themselves raises without actually having to produce anything of true value.

Now is the time for the people of the community to get involved with how and where are tax dollars are being spent.